Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lady Muck.

Night in the life of a lady of the night.

Special Thanks to lady wizards:
Beck Byrne (Hair)
Christina Cleary (Makeup)
Cindarella Farid (Lady Muck clothes & Styling)
I took care of photography, lighting, concept and partial styling.. We all pitched in for a crazy shoot (and post..)


  1. Lady Muck reminds me of Robinson Crusoe Life on Mars. The photos in the beginning of the set, all green and violet and pink. It's like Albert Whitlock's paintings. And there's an alien-esque feel to her transformation through the night. I really love it Birdie there's so much story running through it.
    Love N,x

  2. amazing stuff birdie... such incredible use of shadow! ! ! x x x

  3. this is after post? so confusing.

  4. post shoot (as in afterwards).