Sunday, January 31, 2010

'The Bonery' range by Bobbi Genre

This shoot was for a friend of mine, Laura who designs and makes jewelry. She has a very organic and natural style to her range, using mouldable resin to make bone like shapes and adorning them with beads, string and setting them with gems... So I thought it was only fitting to go with a jungle and almost prehistoric feel, focussing not just on the accessories but just going with and conveying a certain vibe accross to the viewer. Modelled by the beautiful Bianca and shot at Tama Gully with a 16-35ml Lens and Canon 5d , we had so much fun doing this !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mini L Boogie

This is Layla! A gorgeous little human being with a lot to say.
We did an impromptu photo shoot while hanging out on Alfred street.

Jane & Eleni

This is from the Jane & Eleni lookbook shoot in '09 ,  Modeled by Hannah McCarthy who was amazing to work with through all ten outfit changes. The clothes were absolutely stunning, this one i didn't organise myself , we had a makeup artist,  stylist so it was a joint effort, therefore resulting in a touch and go kind of environment, having not so much a solid concept behind it but we each had our own vision in the end. So many pictures to choose from! Shot in a Laneway in Alexandria.

Miss Rap Supreme... Nikkita & Class A

These are two Dope Female MC's and also friends of mine.. Nikkita from Sydney, and Andrea , aka Class A from Melbourne. This was done a little while back, in a location behind Redfern which was a caged in, abandoned little spot. Not sure exactly what the place was there for, but it had some interesting textures to work with... another early start, we got there around 6am and had a laugh, lots of fun and something of an experiment for 'Everything's been done'. Love you guys ! peep the flows...

Thundamentals Cats

Thundamentals by 'Everythings been done'.