Monday, July 19, 2010

Alternative Energy

Australian Hip Hop Artist and Ingenue Tongue MC (Elefant Traks) gave me the honour of doing his Album Cover and Inlay. Having been a fan since he began over five years ago , I was naturally very excited. It was just a casual day at my house and in a bunch of cafes ... but we managed to get some gooduns.  His album Alternative Energy is due to be released in September this year. I've heard a few sneaky tracks and it is sounding even better than the EP, and first LP... and thats a big call. In my eyes he is a pioneer and one of the best, when it comes to conscious, yet fun and catchy melodies and production that can reach depths not commonly associated with Australian hip hop, definitely pushing boundaries. Heres a sneak preview of the cover.

Listen to 'The show' a little taste test off the album here:

and some of the other talent here:

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