Sunday, January 31, 2010

'The Bonery' range by Bobbi Genre

This shoot was for a friend of mine, Laura who designs and makes jewelry. She has a very organic and natural style to her range, using mouldable resin to make bone like shapes and adorning them with beads, string and setting them with gems... So I thought it was only fitting to go with a jungle and almost prehistoric feel, focussing not just on the accessories but just going with and conveying a certain vibe accross to the viewer. Modelled by the beautiful Bianca and shot at Tama Gully with a 16-35ml Lens and Canon 5d , we had so much fun doing this !


  1. BIRDIE! These are incredible!!!!!!!!!

  2. BIRDIE AND BIANCA YOU RAW EROTIC GODDESSES OF ART & FERTILITY & HOODOO VOODOO . my eyes just popped out of their sockets !

    X Noelle